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“You are beautiful, when you make your skin comfortable”


DermeCure Skin Specialist Chennai

Skin is the largest and the first noticeable organ of your body. It is your skin, which captures everyone’s attention. Get rid of all your skin ailments and feel beautiful!

Derme Cure is a complete skin care and cosmetic clinic at Velachery, Chennai. We aim at providing a specialised skin-care through our high standard service and advanced techniques. We also adopt certain ancient and natural therapies to solve the skin issues and hair problems. We assess various aspects during your consultation which includes diet, sleep, stress, hormonal activity and environmental factors. Thus providing an holistic approach to manage your skin and hair problems.

We keep our patients well-informed about their skin through visuals and information leaflets. This helps the patient to gain a complete understanding of their skin ailments. In addition to managing general skin problems, we offer exceptional non-invasive cosmetic techniques to defeat aging, fight scars and blemishes. We make you feel special about yourself through our wide range of skin care products.

News Box

  • Your skin is the largest organ of the body, which protects your internal organs from external environment
  • Though not clearly visible, our skin renews every 28 days. Skin renewal is accelerated in Psoriasis
  • Approximately 30,000 -40,000 cells are lost from the skin every minute, which is inconspicuous.
  • In spite of structural difference, nail and hair is made up of the same protein, Keratin.
  • Nail grows at the rate of 0.1mm per day. It takes 4-6months for the fingernails to grow tand 12-18 months for the toenails to grow.
  • The nail grows fastest in the middle finger and slowest in the thumb
  • Nails reflect your inner health. Hence, any nail abnormalities should be investigated.
  • A single hair is about 0.02-0.04 mm in thickness.
  • It is normal to lose 70-100 hairs a day
  • A normal scalp will have up to 100,000 hairs.
  • The ideal distance between hair and the blow dryer should be at least 30cm to prevent damage.
  • Hormonal imbalance and crash dieting can cause hair fall.
  • Cover your hair with scarf, hat or umbrella to protect from harmful UV light.
  • Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty-acids give a glowing skin, healthy hair and nails.
  • Wipe your make-up completely with facial wipes or cleanser before you hit the bed, to prevent clogging of pores and acne.
  • Eat a balanced diet to keep your skin healthy and youthful.
  • Include lots of raw vegetables and fruits, especially those with yellow and orange coloured (containing vitamin A) for a glowing skin.
  • Wear sunscreen 30 minutes before going out in the sun and every 1-2hrs thereafter to prevent tanning
  • Go for an oil-free sunscreen to avoid acne eruptions.
  • Choose sunscreens, which protects from both UVB and UVA.
  • Avoid using soap to wash your face, as the pH is different from the skin and cause cracking and drying of the skin. Use an oil-free cleanser to wash your face.
  • Pamper your lips with lip balm containing SPF 15 to prevent sun damage and dryness.
  • Do crunches on the bed before you get up, by simply drawing your feet 25-50 to tone your belly
  • Try to stay in-doors between 11.00 am to 4.00pm when the sun is at its peak.

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    Skin Conditions


  • Cancer
  • Eczema/allergies
  • Hives/Urticaria
  • Infections
  • Lichen Planus
  • Moles and freckles
  • Psoriasis
  • Photodermatitis
  • Rash
  • Excessive sweating
  • Warts

    Hair Conditions

  • Alopecia (patchy hair loss)
  • Scalp dermatitis (dandruff)
  • Excessive hair shedding
  • Female and Male pattern hair loss
  • Hirsutism (excessive hair)
  • Scalp infections

    Nail Conditions

  • Nail infections
  • Ingrown toe nail
  • Nail disorders with Skin disorders